Canon 5D Mk4

Canon 5D MK4 Update

Well after long deliberations I bit the bullet… WHAT A CAMERA!

Everything and more that I had hoped for. Where to begin…

Autofocus – It focus’s in the dark! In the dark! – well almost, gone is the frustration of the focus relentlessly searching in low light. Gigs are a breeze with the Canon 5D MK4, it seems to come alive in tricky lighting situations.

High ISO – In certain circumstances, live music gigs mainly,  I pop the ISO on auto and give it a max ISO of… wait for it… wait for it… 12,800! I know right? 12,800! amazingly the noise at this ridiculously high ISO is almost non-existent, unheard of on my old Canon 5DMK2.



Upgrade to Canon 5D MKIV should I shouldn’t I

Well the dust seemed to have finally settled after the long awaited release of Canon’s new 5D MKIV, only to be kicked up into another dust storm with the release of a slurry of new camera’s at this years Photonika.

Sony to left of me, Fuji to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you… link to the tune here





Having used the Canon 5D mkii for 4 years (I know, I should have bought the mkiii but budget was restricted back then) I feel its time for an upgrade. I bought it after making a pop video for a guy called James Arthur (you may have heard of him) watch the video below. A good friend of mine Kriss Bell had the mkii and we used it for the video  – I was hooked and had to have one so went out the next day and bought it.

Don’t get me wrong the mkii is a cracking camera and has been my workhorse for all of this time, its just… well… old and a bit tired. Slow focus and struggling to catch focus is frustrating; the lower pixel count, I like to crop; the poorer quality at higher ISO and the more modest dynamic range all add up to me feeling like its time… But do I stick with Canon?

I have plenty of Canon glass, a lot of which I got at bargain prices, which I will struggle to replace without a large budget. This may not be an issue if I go for say the Sony A7Rii as I can use a metabones adapter with all of my favourite lenses, I have read that this slows the AF, so again a compromise…