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Northern Lights

There must have been a lot of work involved in putting this spectacular video together, it made me quite emotional just watching it…

Canon EOS R5

Canon EOS R5 LAUNCH Ok, so today Canon will (fingers crossed) leapfrog every other camera manufacturer by officially announcing the new Canon R5. This is, potentially, a camera geeks wet dream. The official specs are mind blowing, lets hope the rumoured specs live up to expectations… You can watch it here at 1pm WOW – […]

Kemps General Store

Kemps General Store was founded in 2017 by Liz Kemp, a shopkeeper’s daughter and passionate advocate of the delights of her now-home town, Malton. After 20 years in the demanding events industry, managing a portfolio of million pound events for international clients, Liz decided that it was time to honour her childhood roots and take […]

National Papers

Im proud as punch to be chosen out of 11000 images Each image was selected by Rankin, the internationally renown photographer, who waded through the tens of thousands of photographs submitted from across Britain. In the end he chose some 300 photographs, spread across 14 chapters reflecting the span of a day in the life […]

Light Study

An old experiment with my mobile phone, created some interesting abstract results, all shot on a Nexus 4 with a little app fiddling on Pixlr. I may revisit this with the canon or my Oneplus 1.  

Canon 5D Mk4

Canon 5D MK4 Update Well after long deliberations I bit the bullet… WHAT A CAMERA! Everything and more that I had hoped for. Where to begin… Autofocus – It focus’s in the dark! In the dark! – well almost, gone is the frustration of the focus relentlessly searching in low light. Gigs are a breeze […]

Upgrade to Canon 5D MKIV should I shouldn’t I

Well the dust seemed to have finally settled after the long awaited release of Canon’s new 5D MKIV, only to be kicked up into another dust storm with the release of a slurry of new camera’s at this years Photonika. Sony to left of me, Fuji to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you… link to […]